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Fall Arrest Protection

NIKO-Track Fall Protection Systems provide a very safe and practical safety system for people working at height. According to OSHA, a fall protection system is designed to arrest or prevent falls from a height. OSHA standards state that any time a worker is at a height of four feet or more, the worker is at risk and needs to be protected. Fall protection must be provided at four feet in general industry, five feet in maritime, and six feet in construction. However, regardless of the fall distance, fall protection must be provided when working over dangerous equipment and machinery. The US Department of Labor (DOL) lists falls as one of the leading causes of traumatic occupational death, accounting for eight percent of all occupational fatalities from trauma.

Types of System

  • Single rail fall arrest track system
  • Double rail fall arrest track system
  • Bridge crane fall arrest track system


  • Aircraft service and maintenance
  • Safety track for high ropes courses
  • Coach service and maintenance
  • Sky glide track for soft play areas
  • Train service and maintenance


Advantages of NIKO Fall Protection Track vs Taut Wire Fall Protection System

  • There is less distance to fall with the NIKO fall protection track and therefore less impact on  the body
  • No bouncing effect, which can cause injury in secondary falls
  • Multiple-person systems are safer with the NIKO fall protection track. One person falling on a taut wire fall protection system can cause other users to fall
  • Following a fall the NIKO fall protection track can be re-used immediately after passing a visual inspection. Taut wire systems need to be completely replaced
  • The tapered edge design of the NIKO fall protection track achieves very free running movement and eliminates the snag effect
  • Its modular design means that the NIKO fall protection track systems can be easily moved, added to, and changed after installation
  • NIKO fall protection track offers solutions that enable operators to pass each other without detaching themselves from the system
  • No length limit or distance of NIKO fall protection track systems
  • NIKO Fall Protection Systems offer very little interference with workers’ tasks or activities and will easily/naturally move with the worker
  • Because of NIKO’s self-aligning trolleys, the safety tether will remain directly above the user, therefore eliminating the possibility of a swing fall
  • Because of the enclosed track design, NIKO systems are not susceptible to snow, ice, or debris, which allows for year-round use of the system


The biggest fault in traditional taut-wire protection systems is that they do not prevent secondary falls and are prone to what is called the “bounce effect.” The bounce effect is caused when the weight of the worker is loaded onto the braided wire (because they fell), causing it to give slightly. The resulting “give” makes the worker fall farther than expected, as well as tightening the wire between other supports, which could cause anyone else on the system to fall also. This resulting “bounce” is also known as a secondary fall. A secondary fall is often more damaging to the user than the original fall arrest. Because of NIKO’s rigid design, when a fall occurs the user will only fall as far as the safety tether will let them, there is no secondary fall as there is in a taut-wire system.



Because NIKO’s fall protection systems are in an enclosed track the hassle of debris jamming the run of the system is completely eliminated. This means that the systems are essentially immune to the elements, allowing for use in any weather condition from blizzards to monsoons. Using a NIKO system will enable the user to operate the system year-round.


The tapered edges of NIKO’s Fall Protection systems ensure that the load-carrying trolleys run smoothly, meaning that the trolley will always be directly above the user, eliminating the dangers of “swing falls.” Also, because they are self-aligning, trolleys will always run smoothly and won’t jam, even on turns.


When a fall occurs on a taut-wire system it must be taken out of service temporarily until it has been repaired. Most safety cable system manufacturers’ repair procedures require a temporary dismantling of the system while a factory-trained professional replaces virtually all of the costly damaged parts. This is not an issue with NIKO systems! After a fall a quick visual inspection of the system should be done and upon completion, the system can be used again immediately.


By combining the turns and switches of our conveyors with the versatility and reliability of fall protection, NIKO has created an ideal solution to taut-wire systems used on challenge courses. These systems have been installed on many pre-existing ropes courses and have greatly increased the overall experience for users as well as creating a safer environment. Users are no longer hindered by slow-moving trolleys, endangered by secondary falls or wire transfers, and can use the system throughout the year.


Fall Protection: Eliminate Bounce Effect and Secondary Falls

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